Our Inventors & Their Products

TRANSMAX CPR MANNEQUIN – www.globalcprtech.com

O’NEAL CLASH, Co-Owner of Global CPR Technologies, Certified CPR Instructor and Inventor, became interested as a child as to what made the human body function and how blood flowed through the body.  O’Neal’s extensive medical background coupled with his dream of being an inventor led him to produce TransMax, the only life-size transparent CPR mannequin that lights up to show practitioners if their techniques are being applied correctly. Global CPR Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing cutting-edge cardiopulmonary resuscitation technology. The patented TransMax Patient Simulator implements an immediate visual response when executing CPR correctly.

ONE FOR THE ROAD (Portable Urinal) – www.gpksales.com

LAWRENCE GLENN is the CEO of G.P.K. Associates Inc., an inventor entrepreneurial startup company. As a working man who often had a long drive home at night, Glenn’s disposable urinal bag was founded out of a personal necessity to have a convenient and hygienic urinating experience when unable to find roadside restrooms. The firm is the distributor of ONE FOR THE ROAD ®, which is a patented Disposable Urinal Bags.  Lawrence Glenn states that “he is just an ordinary and hardworking American, who for 20 years worked as a door man in downtown Chicago”.  For ten years, he worked two fulltime jobs chalking up 16 hours daily.   However, this daily grind was not a major source of concern to him as he was more worried about getting home to his wife “dry, fresh and safe as the call of nature always seemed to spoil his long awaited homecoming”.

HIP HOP CHARADES CARD GAME – www.justplaychicago.com

LEIA AVERY is the Founder of Just Play Entertainment Inc., a game and event production company. She is the inventor of the copyrighted and trademarked “Hip Hop Charades” card game, as well as other interactive styles of gameplay. Leia knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur as a child; she graduated from Tennessee State University with Bachelors of Arts in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.  Leia has expanded her reach from Chicago to Nashville by locating distribution points and booking Just Play Events, Hip Hop Charades Game Shows, and employing brand ambassadors. Hip Hop Charades was recently featured on social media platforms known as Baller Alert and Stay on the Go Magazine. Leia is a recipient of Nashville’s Black 40 Under 40 Awards.

FULLIPS – www.fullips.com

LINDA GOMEZ, CEO of Et Al Beauty, LLC, invented Fullips over 10 years ago to serve as a natural, non-invasive and affordable alternative to lip injections. After receiving some attention from renowned beauty bloggers such as Michelle Phan and Shannon XOXO, Fullips went viral. In Q1 2015, Fullips had over $1.7 million in sales, up from $447,000 in Q4 2014. Fullips has enjoyed continued and exponential growth, becoming the top ranked lip plumping tool on Amazon, being featured in shows such as Today and The Doctors, and shipping to over 50 countries with over 200 resellers worldwide. Linda now wants Fullips sold in Brick & Mortar stores. Fullips recently was picked up by Forever 21’s online market place and well as Walmart.com. In addition to remaining one of Amazon’s most popular beauty products, Fullips can now also be found in several beauty stores, including Ricky’s NYC, Nigel Beauty Emporium, and Naimie’s Beauty Center.


BE READY IN STYLE PANTS – www.bereadynstyle.com

CHERYL CARRYL AND TANIA THOMAS are Registered Nurses and Co-Inventors of a patent pending product designed for people who are not able to have pants put on them (by caretakers) the regular way without much pain, more time and vigorous labor.  They noticed that caretakers often have trouble putting pants the regular way on their loved ones without much pain and as a result, these people are left in bed undressed in a hospital gown instead of regular clothing reducing their world to the four walls inside their room.  Their innovative pants can be applied easily to anyone, whether in bed of chair. The pants allow easy access to change diapers, dressings, and empty drainage bags.

EZ BIB OVERALL – www.ezbibs.net

ART OLVERA was a Bricklayer and Mason Inspector for 32 years with the City of Chicago.  Art was always challenged as a Bricklayer with needing to sit down to take off or put on his Bib Overalls (often soiled) when he arrived on the job, taking restroom breaks or going home. Art’s EZ BIB patent-pending product design features a one-way zipper that enables the user to take the bibs on and off while standing. The special covered snap flap protects the zipper from the elements and acts as a barrier to help keep the legs warm. They are made from Westex Flame Retardant fabric, 11 oz. Carmel Ultra Soft Duck and EZ BIB’s  unique properties of being a flame resistant material resists ignition and constant flame support by self-extinguishing within a 2-5 sec time period.

CARLYCLIP – www.carlyclip.com

Inventor CARLYN RAY is excited about the growth, evolution and endless possibilities of her patent-pending CarlyClip.  Carlyn is a curly/kinky (3c-4b) who had a hard time finding a hairstylist (especially in college towns) to do her fine medium natural hair. Because Carlyn was a Graduate Teaching Assistant needing to maintain a well-kept appearance, she opted for a professional bun hairstyle but could not find ponytail holders that would hold her textured hair in place without breakage or slippage. Frustrated and tired of using a lot of Bobby pins, she decided to create her own ponytail holder. This is how the CarlyClip was born.  The CarlyClip is a product that does not break easily and this is not by mistake. Many prototypes were rejected and disqualified before they met Carly’s vision of durability and flexibility.


DELANCE BEANE is the inventor of the patented Dream “Snapping” Basketball Net. Delance’s snapping basketball net includes a plurality of beads supported by a net material. The plurality of beads knock together in response to a basketball passing through the net material. Delance’s “flash of genius” moment for his invention came when he heard Venus and Serena’s hair styles “snapping” when they played tennis.  The Snapping Basketball Net has sold in K-Mart, Hobbitts, Target, WalMart and Dicks Sporting Goods.  Delance is a native of Pontiac, Michigan where he first introduced his invention to Detroit Piston Lindsey Hunter and Rick Mahorn who gave the nets a “thumbs up.” The nets are used in the Pontiac Pro-Am League and World Training in the Life Center Church in Auburn Hills, Michigan.


THOMAS ROSS, Inventor and Co-Founder of the Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) states that his “Twin Gear Assembly” is one the high points of his inventor career. Having acquired a patent on his invention which is a retrofit for bicyclers wanting speed and power without excessive gear shifting inspired him to help other inventors with their product ideas. CIO was Ross’ vehicle for seeing his creative dreams as well as other’s dreams become a reality.