Young Inventor Entrepreneur Program

WHAT'S POSSIBLE 035Chicago Inventors Organization has enhanced the curriculum of its Young Inventors and Entrepreneurs Program (YiEP). These enhancements provide curricular workshops that strive to expose and generate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), innovation and entrepreneurship business concepts (financial literacy, business structure and development, intellectual property, marketing and manufacturing) to underserved students, from middle and high schools, through participation in three thirty (30) hour workshops.

YOUNG INVENTOR ENTREPRENEURS PROGRAMOur enhanced YiEP curriculum weaves entrepreneurship concepts together with invention modules.  We have recognized a need to foster and support both types of YiEP learners. In order to become a successful inventor, one must learn also to be an innovator and entrepreneur, as the opportunities are limiting to pursue just one without understanding the importance of the other.

YiEP students learn how careers in engineering and science are the drivers of many exciting things in everyday life including cell phones, robotics, driverless automobiles, green technology and food products (especially snacks), drones, and many more.

Interested parties should feel free to contact CIO at 773-729-0364 ( to discuss being a YiEP sponsor.

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