Chicago iNventors’ Organization – 2017 Inventor Pitch To The Experts Contest

Calling all Chicagoland inventors!  The Chicago Inventor Organization’s Pitch To The Experts Contest is open to the General Public and will allow the five (5) randomly picked inventors to pitch their idea (2 minute limit) to Innovation & Buyer Expert Judges and a live audience for a chance to win a PRIZE(S) valued up to $10,000!  Judges for the Contest will be composed of nationally recognized innovators.  The Pitch Experts decisions are to their discretion and their decisions will be final.

IP Protection & Prototype Required

Candidates must have a quality representation (prototype) of their invention (NO VIDEOS or 3D ANIMATIONS) proving that your invention works. All entries must be the original idea and work product of the participant and should have a patent (or patent pending status), copyright and/or trademark.

Entries may not contain hazardous materials such as explosive, combustible, or incendiary materials, blades or dangerous projectiles. Electrical power will not be available. Batteries may be used in a normal fashion. CIO reserves the right to reject any prototype deemed hazardous, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate in its judgment, and to prohibit challenge participation of the owners of said prototype.